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Their fun-filled travels through the universe are an opportunity to introduce music in an entertaining way: "edu-tainment"

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Ages 8 & up

StarSong is an intergalactic adventure story that introduces readers to Grady, a gifted teenage orphan; Heidi, a feisty musical prodigy; and the Skallywaggles, an all-animal cosmic band led by the quick-witted Cruiser. By day, the Skallywaggles battle dark forces throughout the universe; at night, they thrill devoted fans with their incredible music performances. This is Harry Potter meets Star Wars with music as the magic that saves the galaxy.
The keys on Natasha’s piano keyboard are broken, so she and her best friend, fellow Skallywaggles™ band member Precious decide to go shopping for a new one. They fly to the magical land of Keyboardtropia on the planet of Harmonia, where musical instruments are alive with entertaining plucky personalities. Children will be captivated by the colorful characters and learn about improvisation both as a life skill and a musical skill.

Ages 3 -8

Brand NEW!
Heidi Humsinger loves to sing, dance, and play with her friends and puppy. Yet her greatest wish in the world is to play a musical instrument. During a trip to the symphony with her family, Heidi discovers the sounds and instruments of the orchestra. She can’t decide which is her favorite. But Heidi has a lot of pluck and decides to try out a variety of instruments! Children will love the lyrical rhyming and musical flow of the story as they discover the musical instruments of the orchestra with the fabulously fun character Heidi Humsinger!
Ages 3 -8

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The StarSong double album features 24 fun and gorgeous songs that are a great accompaniment to the novel. 
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